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Rains delay

Sorry for having stopped posting for a while. As you may have already seen on the news, rains almost drowned us here. A great pity, few days ago this could have been our best season by far. This week, after a sequence of 2 to 4 sunny(or not so rainy) days, things are a little calmer and most of the damaged fields have been harvested.

I’ve been every day in the fields, raining or not, racing against the time, especially sampling soybeans still suitable for seeds. Not an easy task these days.

In 10-15 days we are done and I will be able to post again.
There are plenty of things to be said and shown.

02/25/2014, Campos de Julio - Mato Grosso.

02/25/2014, Campos de Julio – Mato Grosso.


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Our little version of Mr.Jingles

Remember Mr.Jingles in “The Green Mile” film ?
Yesterday afternoon we had our little version of him.
Afraid of hawks that keep flying over harvested fields, he hided himself in between our feets while trembling in fear.


But please, sentimental reader, don’t get scared too. We didn’t crush him. The foot is over there just for the sake of the picture.

By the way…
Yields are still pretty good.

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5 Grains Pod and Record Yields

An agronomist that works nearby just spotted this wonder yesterday: a FIVE grains pod!

Credits to Monise Tschope (Instagram: @motschope), who works for Amaggi Group, in Sapezal, Mato Grosso.

Credits to Monise Tschope (Instagram: @motschope), who works for Amaggi Group, in Sapezal, Mato Grosso.

It’s something I had never seen and I am now completely envy of her. It’s also an expression of how weather conditions have been perfect along this season as soybean plants “decide” which pods to retain and seeds to fill. Yields have been record and this will be by far the best soybeans season ever in the west of Mato Grosso. Actually, reports are that this is alto true for the rest of Mato Grosso.

Great news!

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On my way to the farm – An Indigenous Toll

Every week, on my way to the farm, I have to pay a toll for indians.

There is no other choice.
The road that passes over their land is the shortest one that connects Sapezal region(1.500.000 soybeans acres) to the rest of the state. Alternatives are unpractical and at least 100 miles longer.

Knowing that, they charge us on both directions, R$20 (about 8,50 US dollars) on cars or pickups, and R$50 (21,30 US dollars) on trucks.

Toll Receipt

Toll Receipt

Of course, the toll is unconstitutional, and disrespect the right to come and go of any brazilian citizen, but because the enforcement of the law could raise a riot, things stay as they are. In a certain way, everyone that lives around or has a business related to this region, is a hostage of the situation.

The indians aren’t obliged to provide any service in return, but with the road conditions so bad that the ordinary population attitude towards them has been anything but friendly, something different happened last week…they have started using a portion of the toll’s money on road repairs.

So unusual, that became a new of national level.

Highlight: Monsanto - INTACTA RR2 PRO hat

Highlight: INTACTA RR2 PRO™ hat

You can check the whole video report(and my fellow above advertising INTACTA), here.

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