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Commercial video that shows girls dancing on top of a Self-Propelled Sprayer makes success in Brazil

Stara, a brazilian agricultural implements and machinery factory produced this very interesting videoclip from its last self-propelled sprayer, called “Imperador”.

…a funny fact is that Stara’s factory is located in a city with one of the weirdest names in Brazil, it is called “Não-Me-Toque”, that in english literally means “Don’t-Touch-Me”.

13:48 update
Some twitter pearls of wisdom:
“beats a free hat”
” I’m opening Iowa distributor store deal”
“Think someone should tell John Deere that they need to up their game on their sprayer advertising.”
“who cares what fields looks like if they are riding along…. Hell who cares if we r even spraying”
“Here in ‘Merica we’d have big pie eatin wimin fighting over a chikin wing under the training seat.”
“well I’m screwed, I don’t need an 90 foot boom for 10 acres of pumpkins”

2013/12/15 update
my bad…I forgot this was a machinery ad.
…should have placed a link to their website somewhere.
Here it goes: (english version)