Some good readings

Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt 
fascinating NPR interactive documentary on how a single T-shirt is made
Why do so many people hate QE ?
Farewell QE, you have been a magnificent success
The most important charts of the year 
by Business Insider
Sun’s Current Solar Activity Cycle is Weakest in a Century
None of us alive have ever seen such a weak cycle. So we will learn something
– US land prices drop for first time in four years
– Why Do Forecasters Keep Forecasting?
You are advised to ignore them with extreme prejudice
Man Buys $103K Tesla Model S With Bitcoin
the most modern deal possible
The Most Important Economic Stories of 2013—in 44 Graphs
by the Atlantic
 Warren Buffett’s Meeting with University of Maryland MBA Students and Warren Buffet On the Ovarian Lottery
Buffett talks
 Brazil Crushing Sugar to Ethanol With Caps on Fuel Prices
A story of how Brazil’s government subsidies for gasoline reduced domestic demand for biofuels and compounded a global surplus of sweetener
Soybeans: brazilian producers, eighth years of positive income
positive for the eighth consecutive year
The global food supply has a demand problem
Changing diets, not population growth, is the dominant driver of food demand
Robert Shiller’s Favorite Financial Innovation: An IPO For The USA
The governments of the world should issue shares in their GDPs
Genetically modified crops – Fields of beaten gold – The Economist
Greens say climate-change deniers are unscientific and dangerous. So are greens who oppose GM crops
– The Fed Throws Out a “Taper” Feeler….
testing the market’s response
– For global warming believers, 2013 was the year from Hell
Almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong for the cause of global warming
Investors should abandon long-term commodity bets – FT
now a consolidated view
Robert Shiller on Brazil’s House Bubble
“Brazil right now feels like the US in 2005″


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