Don’t Panic – The truth about population

You have probably already seen a video from this guy, Rans Rosling.
Some years ago he became famous for some TED talks showing  population growth charts in a such fun way that even I didn’t get to sleep while watching them. (link here)
Now, there is a one-hour documentary produced by him and  broadcasted last month on BBC that again brings some very interesting data.

To me, the most astonishing and something I hadn’t realized, is that we have reached “Peak Child” back in 2000.
There are now more children on the planet than ever, but the global decline in birth rates means that the number has levelled off.
That also means, that one of our major challenges facing the planet – the increasing number of births – has been met. The population will continue to grow as the Peak Child generation grows up and grows old. So most probably three or four billion new adults will be added to the world population – but then in the second half of this century the fast growth of the world population will finally come to an end.

Other challenges continue, but anyway…
Cool stuff.
Especially useful when your brother in law starts fear mongering about the upcoming population armageddon.

2013 - almost no children population will from 2000 to 2100


The full documentary is available at his website,  
and you can also follow him on twitter, @HansRoling


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