Monday Links

Monday always seems to be a prolific day for interesting links.

Liberia and USA will be the only countries left not using the metric system
In Myanmar, after a substantial analysis of how poorly the American Congress have discussed important measures(pun intended), they have decided to do just the opposite: quit the “standart”, and go for the metric system.
 Stupid Things Finance People Say
My favorite is: “The Dow (or beans, or corn, or wheat, or whatever…)  is down 50 points as investors react to news of [X].”
 Picture: The richest bear in town
smart guy, has been shorting corn since $8.
Midwest Farmland Values: Past Peak Season?
Farmland values fell 6% in the third quarter from the second quarter in the St. Louis Fed district
Five Ways to Ruin an Economy
courtesy of Venezuela (a slightly more socialist than Obama’s.) (last parenthesis just to remember in case some Tea Party visitor shows up)
Qatar’s accidental vagina stadium
A country where you can”t wear bikinis, but a vagina the size of Manhattan is fine.
The Beatles Succeeded Through Talent, Ambition, and a Lot of Arrogance
Lennon: “We were the best fucking group in the goddamn world … and believing that is what made us what we were.”
“We were always thinking we were better than whoever was famous, so why shouldn’t webe up there?”
Ireland will bulldoze 40 vacant housing developments—only 1,260 to go
Creative destruction
– Can yougurt cure depression ?
WTH…Gut Bacteria Linked to Behavior(!?)



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