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Howard G. Buffet’s book: 40 Chances

I’m probably late on this,
but I had no idea Warren Buffet’s son, the farmer one, had released a book.
You should already have heard about him. Last year, Warren Buffet choose Howard to succeed him as chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, the multibillion dollar holding company. At the time, the world was surprised to hear the name of someone who has been a farmer for most of its adulf life, instead of a former company’s executive.

His book is called 40 Chances: Finding Hope in a Hungry World
and it’s about philantrophy, or, as the elder Buffett describes it “a guidebook for intelligent philanthropy”.

It debuted on NYT Bestseller list at # 5 for nonfiction, and seems quite interesting.
First, it’s a book written by a farmer. (the richest one probably …but hey! this guy, like his dad, keeps his feet on the ground!)
Second, the title inspiration comes from a talk he heard on a farm-equipment show. (I’d would like to hear that too…the ones I’ve heard are not inspiring me to write a book.)
Third, this book likely has some agriculture insights from the Buffets. (great!)
Fourth, find/learn more effective ways to help others around the world. (have you been doing your part?)

…and fifth, and most important, he is the only guy I know who has a picture with Shakira inside his combine. (who wouldn’t want that ? )

You can also get to no know a little more by checking out this nice CBS interview with dad and son
or this Bloomberg story on the book
or by buying the book


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